Thies – a success story

In 1892, Bernhard Thies established the engineering company in Coesfeld, Westphalia.
Until today, the Thies family remained true to this location and continuously expanded
business throughout the world. Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, high-quality products
and outstanding service are the hallmarks of this future-oriented, successful family company.


2019 – Expansion of the Coesfeld premises to include the area “Rebruegge”
2018 – Expansion of the production and storage areas in Coesfeld
2017 – 125th company anniversary
2011 – Thies Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd is established.
2009 – Thies India Coimbatore is established. Thies AG moves to Landquart, Switzerland.
2008 – Thies purchases a real estate for Thies Service Sofia
            and raises holding in the Bulgarian company to 100%.
2007 – A new warehouse for the used machines sector is erected in Coesfeld.
2006 – Thies takes a holding in Thies Service Sofia (TSS) GmbH, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2006 – Development and delivery of the first NT Jigger.
2004 – Thies establishes the Thies Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China.
2002 – Development of the HT Jigger in co-operation with Funke.
2001 – Thies Tekstil Makinalari is established in Turkey.
            A new warehouse is erected in Coesfeld.
1998 – Thies acquires first shares of the  Czech "ABT" co-operation partner
            (100% in 2007).
1997 – Thies acquires first shares of the Polish Dofama company (100% in 2006).
            The chipping sector at Coesfeld is modernised.
1994 – Thies takes a holding in Alchrom Thies d.o.o., Slovenia (100% in 2007).
            Also development of the first chemicals dosing systems.
1993 – The Coesfeld-based family company takes a holding in AO “Zwet” Kostroma.
1992 – Thies celebrates the 100th anniversary.
1991 – Thies introduces the air dyeing technology.
1989 – A marketing and service agency is established in the UK,
            followed by France (1990) and Italy (1991).
1977 – Thies manufactures the first pressure vessel in the US and is granted permission
            to manufacture according to ASME Stamp (prerequisite for US approval).
1976 – The Thies Corporation is established in Rock Hill (USA).
1969 – The Thies AG is established in Switzerland.
1968 – The product range now includes piece dyeing machines.
1967 – The export share of the Coesfeld-based company is 65%.
1961 – The company starts production of hollow screw heat exchangers.
1952 – The first pressure dryer and a test dyeing mill are built.
1951 – Erection of a second production hall.
1942 – The family company celebrates its 50th anniversary.
1929 – Construction of the first pressure vessel for the chemical industry.
            The product range now includes dyeing and bleaching machines.
1926 – First major international success for the engineering company.
1922 – Bernhard Thies dies. His sons continue the family business.
1894 – The first patent is granted.
1892 – Bernhard Thies establishes the Thies company in July 1892.